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Oil Painting Supplies - Guide For Beginners

When I first began painting some 10 years ago, I remember my first trip to my local art supply store. I recall my feeling of utter confusion as I perused the aisles. This particular art store had every tube of paint, brush, medium and canvas known to man, far too many choices for a confused beginner.

  • 3 Jul 2017

Introduction To Watercolor Painting Techniques

This article will provide you with a general understanding of some of the more basic watercolor painting techniques.

Flat Wash Technique - The flat wash technique is one of the more basic and common of the various techniques. The flat wash technique is usually used when large areas of the canvas need to be covered.

  • 8 Aug 2017

Realistic Pencil Portrat Mastery: Discover the Secrets To Drawing Like a Pro

Many people are interested in art work. They want to draw like the grand masters but are not naturally capable of doing so. They want to learn how to draw a person and make it look professional. There is one product on the market that can help you do this. It is called Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery.

  • 14 Jul 2017
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23 Jul 2017
Posted By Fannie C.

Landscape Painting Tips For Oil Painters

There is something quite magical about painting outdoors. I feel comfortably secluded with nature having an almost spiritual connection when I paint a landscape. Landscape painting is a passion of mine. I would like to share some tips and techniques that I have become accustomed to using over the years.My first bit of advice - try not to get overwhelmed by the scene in front of you. I recall when I first began painting landscapes; I tried to copy everything exactly as I saw it.
7 Jul 2017
Posted By Cecilia B.

Art Lesson: Learn About Color Schemes for Your Next Painting

Much research and experimentation has been done on color and how it can effect a persons mood and behavior. Certain colors can calm a person, while others can stimulate excitement or cheerfulness. That being said, you may want to think carefully on the type of color scheme you choose for your next painting. This article will talk about five different color schemes you can use to plan out your next painting. The tips in this article can be applied to any painting medium.
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5 Aug 2017
Posted By Grover G.

Shapes Can Be Helpful in Learning to Draw Animals

One way to draw animals is through the assemblage of different shapes. There are a number of different animal types out there, and so to learn how to draw a high amount of common animals will usually require the mastering of several different drawing techniques. If you use shapes only, then you can learn how different animals are put together and gain a strong understanding of how many animals are built.
4 Jul 2017

Beinn Bhan, Highlands watercolour painting lesson

Watercolour landscape painting tutorial featuring Beinn Bhan in the Highlands. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/original-paintings-by-steven-cronin - Buy the original ...

4 Jul 2017

Color-Mixing Simplified #02 - Acrylic Painting Lesson

Darker colors by nature are more neutral. Study shadows or any dark colors, they will be more neutral than a color straight out of the tube. SITE: http://www.

11 Jul 2017

How to Draw Totoro- Step by Step Drawing Lesson for Kids

Join the Club! SUBSCRIBE Today! New Lessons Monday to Friday. https://www.youtube.com/user/cartooning4kids Visit us at www.cartooning4kids.com for ...

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